Your potential, capabilities, and can-do attitude
Your inhibitions that become your stumbling blocks
Travel to discover and find the path to inspire yourself and others
3 Top excuses we give every time something comes up…
Oh… this is impossible- how often do we say that?
but it’s not my cup of tea
Explore and travel to discover and find your path
Wow! I never thought it was possible
I was a powerhouse of capabilities and talent so,
Find the path to inspire self and others


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Is today’s learning system capable of building future skills?
What are the future skills that one needs to know? With digitalization, automation, and technology driving every sphere of life, Artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality is no longer alien lingo for millennial kids. These are the technologies that today’s generation will work. To use, work and be successful in these fields, skills like problem articulation, decoding a problem, defining the p…

Technology in classroom


Over the last many years, we have seen the advent of technology as a primary player in shaping the learning process in classrooms. From E-learning to smartboard classrooms, digital platforms for assignments, communication, peer learning, online assignment submissions, and proctored examinations technology everywhere.

Why? Because it is engaging and relevant to the students of today who are tech-savvy and are part of the digital era.

How can technology impact everyday learning?

Let us  delve in…

learning styles


Learning styles- do all children/adults learn the same way and in the same manner?
Learning is individualistic. And how we learn is unique to that person. Some children learn concepts and remember using mediums like images, graphs, charts, etc. others prefer a more hands-on approach and learn by doing.
Some children learn concepts through listening skills and musical rhythm.
Few children process information through language while others through data. Every child has an overall learning style …