Top 5 Content Ideas for SaaS Content Marketing

As a SaaS company, the product is the main offering. To onboard customers and make them familiar with the product, it is necessary that SaaS content marketing should be a vital part of your overall marketing strategy. Generating content ideas that customers can consume may be a challenging task. It is not just product descriptions or product features but fresh content that not only engages the users but also provides value is the need.

In this blog post, let us explore some exciting content ideas that can help boost your content marketing efforts and connect with your target audience.

1. Educational Content

Creating educational content is a great way to establish your brand as an industry thought leader while also providing value to potential and current customers. How-to’s, tutorials, webinars, and whitepapers are all examples of educational content that can be used in SaaS content marketing planning.

Example: A cloud-based project management platform can develop a webinar series on various project management methodologies, as well as a detailed tutorial on how to use specific features of their software. They can also write a whitepaper outlining research findings on the effectiveness of project management tools in improving team collaboration and productivity.

Check the webinar focuses on how customers can leverage their platform to achieve their objectives


Or this whitepaper from demand jump which provides insights to B2B marketers. 

B2B marketers rely on data to improve the customer experience and make informed decisions about marketing strategy and spending. In partnership with Ascend2, we recently fielded the B2B Outlook on Marketing Data Quality report


2. Case Studies

Case studies give potential and existing customers a firsthand look at how your SaaS product can solve their problems and meet their needs. Use case studies to demonstrate how your product helped a client achieve their objectives.

Example: A marketing automation SaaS company can create a case study that highlights how they helped a startup increase their lead generation by 50% by implementing their software. The case study can include before and after metrics, testimonials from the client, and a detailed explanation of the strategies and features that contributed to the success.

Check this case study from Hubspot which highlights how a fitness company adopted HubSpot and improved its leads, and email open rates and showed overall growth.


3. Buzzworthy Content in the form of funny explainer videos

Creating shareable content is a great way to drive traffic to your website and social media pages. Popular content can be amusing, controversial, or thought-provoking. It is an effective method of engaging your users through your SaaS content marketing.

For example, a SaaS company can produce a humorous and relatable video in which its team members demonstrate the daily challenges that businesses face in the absence of their software. This approach both entertains and reinforces the message that their product can make their lives easier.

Check this funny explainer video from Discord.


4. Collaborations

Collaboration with influencers or other businesses is a great way to increase your reach and engagement. Collaborate with influencers in your industry or related industries to create content that promotes your brand and influencer partner.

A CRM is an example. A SaaS company can work with a social media influencer who specializes in marketing strategies. They can collaborate to create educational content, such as a joint webinar, that demonstrates how businesses can maximize their social media engagement with the help of a CRM tool. 

By leveraging each other’s audiences and expertise, this collaboration benefits both parties.

Shopify uses influencer marketing to demonstrate how its platform has helped various businesses establish themselves. 

In exchange, these business owners became Shopify influencers by explaining how they benefited from the platform.


5. Blogging

Blogging is still an excellent way to connect with your audience and provide useful information about your SaaS product or industry. 

Concentrate on producing high-quality blog content that addresses common questions, problems, or interests shared by potential and existing customers.

For instance, a cloud accounting SaaS provider may create a blog post series addressing common accounting issues that businesses face and providing practical solutions.

 Tax preparation advice, expense management best practices, and financial forecasting techniques are all possible topics. By providing useful and relevant information, the company establishes itself as a reliable industry resource.

The fylehq blog does just that. It offers in-depth reviews, articles related to expense management, and how to choose the best expense management tool for your business.



Final Thoughts

Including these suggestions will assist you in creating engaging and valuable content that connects with your audience and drives traffic to your website and social media channels. Remember to use current industry trends and customer feedback to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Begin with these concepts, then venture out and experiment with different content formats and approaches. You can maximize the impact of your SaaS content marketing efforts by constantly refining and optimizing your content strategy.

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