Discover The Three Most Important Catchy Headlines Success Factors

In this post, I’ll try to address why catchy headlines grab attention, and the three most important success factors that go into creating it.

Hi readers, in my previous post I shared content writing tips and briefly touched upon each one.

However, if you are someone who has just started the content writer journey, a little more in depth explanation on each tip will go a long way in bringing in clarity and answer any queries or doubts you may have.

A catchy headline is extremely important in drawing the reader into an article, ad, or social media post. 

A headline can do a lot, more specifically, a great headline can be used to convey a message to the target audience and encourage them to read the text within it. 

Good headlines give you an edge and get your audience to read and respond to your text.

 Every great content writer and marketer knows that a headline has to do more than grab the audience’s attention.


 How to zero in on a catchy headlines that aligns with the post-

Headlines are the most important factor in creating quality content. 

The key to a successful headline is to explain the benefits readers will get from your content while still generating interest. It has to convey the main takeaway of the post.

E.g. If the key takeaway of the article is to get 5 content writing tips for content writers then the headline has to convey that. So the headline of the post will read something like this-

Discover top 5 content writing tips for every content writer   

With a benefit headline, instead of using fictitious data or formulas to grab readers’ attention, you openly state how your content will benefit your readers.

 If you want to highlight a few important benefits, you can combine them into a headline.  

Headlines appear before articles, they are often the deciding factor in whether readers will click on an article, so they’re more engaging when they’re noticeable.


  •  How 8 hrs of sleep can improve peak performance in sports
  • How 8 hrs of sleep can help you perform like Usain Bolt

The second headline is attention grabbing but sounds a little too good to be true and spammed kind. Hence may turn readers away. 

The first headline conveys what benefits and performance improvement,  the target readers can expect.

The assumption is, if  they read this article they will find some tips on how to get quality sleep, understand why sleep is important and how it will improve their performance.

And if you have body text delivering what you promised in the headline you are a winner.

 If your title sounds interesting, informative, and relevant, chances are your readers will click on your link and read your content.  

It doesn’t matter how good your content is, or you’re writing a detailed article that delivers the goods, if you do not put more time and effort into headlines.

Three Most Important Catchy Headlines Success Factors-


1.Emotion– words that convey emotion help in capturing the reader’s attention.

Some examples of emotional words are:

Free– a word that everyone loves. A few examples

Free 1 page guide to writing best headlines

Free ai writing tools to generate best content within minutes

The word free does the talking here and who doesn’t want something that is free.

But remember do not make it a clickbait kind of headline where you promise something in the headline but do not back it up in the article.

It is a major turn off and even Google search engines may not be kind enough to rank it if they find a mismatch.

Some other examples of emotional words are  Guaranteed-  Guaranteed 5 digit income if you follow these simple tips in writing

Discover– Discover 5 ways to find 10K visitors to your blog

I hope you get the idea.

2. Length- 50-60 characters or 8-12 words are the ideal length for your title.

Anything less or more is not picked well by search engines.

If it’s more than 8-12 words search engines will truncate your title and display it.

Too long a title can make readers lose focus.

Short titles are still read by humans but search engines may not pick it up so what’s the point. Hence try to stay within that boundary.

3.Keywords in the titleTry to use your keyword in the title

Let me explain it with an example:

Your target readers are looking for “tools to check for plagiarism”.

Your title- “Discover top 5 plagiarism checking tools to avoid rejections”.

The key word here would be plagiarism tools.

Through this title you have addressed the concerns of your readers, so they will click on your headline, but now ensure you deliver your promise in the body text.

 Thus, you can see that emotional words are great for improving the quality of the title. From the keywords used in a title, to how it starts, how it ends, and even what is the length of the title, it all goes a long way in creating the best possible catchy headlines

 Apart from the above listed, some of the other factors that contribute to the success of a catchy headlines are:

The beginning of the headline hooks the reader, while the end of the headline holds the reader’s attention and ensures that the reader is more likely to continue reading the article. 

The headline is the first opportunity for copywriters and content marketers to build a solid readership and loyal subscribers for all future articles and blog posts. 

Hence, it has to be crafted by putting in the required effort and time.

Key takeaways-

  • Length -60 characters or 8-12 words
  • Keyword- use in the title to address the readers query
  • Emotional words- help to create a connect
  • Avoid Clickbait- a mismatch between title and body text will drive readers away

Here are some free tools you can use to create your headlines or check your headline score- This tool helps analyze the score of your headline. The free version works just fine. It is self explanatory. Another tool to analyze your headline score. a free tool that helps you generate headlines based on the provided inputs. 

These tools will help you get some ideas which can be used to create headlines that align with your post.

Hope these tips and tools help you write click-worthy headlines. If you have any doubts or want more tips do reach out by clicking the button below.


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