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Many of our readers were requesting for guest post opportunities and we thought why not. However, we went a step ahead and decided to invite everyone who is looking for an opportunity.

Struggling to build your online #portfolio? Employers and clients asking for published articles. Look no further

Use contentwork.net platform and get your articles published under your name.
Check the guest post page guidelines and pitch your topic.

Do you want to Write for Us?

Contentwork.net platform is an open platform for all

  • experienced content writers who want to enrich their portfolio
  •  struggling content writers who want to build a portfolio
  • start-ups on a shoe string budget looking to expand their reach and visibility in the digital space,
  • writers who want to increase website traffic and create legitimate backlinks

Writing content that connects, builds links and drives traffic is our mission.

We understand, starting as freelance content writer with a portfolio to back your claims is tough. We make it easy for you. After all we have been there once. We help you promote yourself as a writer driven by the value addition and quality content for our readers.

Topics you can write on


Digital Marketing

Best Hosting sites for WordPress

Social media marketing-

Best website hosting sites/ cheap website hosting sites/ free website hosting sites

Affiliate marketing-

Website performance/ website traffic

Blogging trends in 2022


Instructional design

A special note to all the entrepreneurs and start up moguls. Share your journey and your thoughts with our blog readers.

On a shoestring budget and want to market your services or offerings to increase your reach and presence. You have the platform right here.

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Guest Post Guidelines

  1. The post should follow the basic guidelines of H1, H2, clear subheadings, bullet points and listicle in nature based on the chosen topic
  2. 100% plagiarism free
  3. Minimum word limit is 800 words
  4. Title, meta description and focus keyword to be provided along with the post
  5. Only google doc links allowed with review and edit permission
  6. Posts should be in active voice, engaging 
  7. If data is presented, please quote the source as link.
  8. In case of images ensure they are copyright free and royalty free. Provide alt text for the images
  9. If any quotes are used then add credit in the post
  10. Content should have a readability score that caters even to a layman and readers across all demographics and education levels
  11. Content is to be written only in the English language.
  12. We do not pay you anything for writing on contentwork.net. We hold the right to make changes if needed to the article before publishing it on our platform.
  13. Provide author bio and author image (optional) as well.
  14. We provide two links; either your social platforms or your website.( Choose the social media handle options below and mention it in your post) we will link you

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Post your blog idea

In case you have an idea for a topic not listed above but similar to the topics given above. Go ahead and submit your idea. If we feel it has merit and will engage our readers we will go ahead and post it.