Power of AI in Content Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

AI content marketing! Is it real and here to stay? What about everyday content writers like you and me? Will AI writers replace human content writers?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzz word and it is here to stay. Every aspect of our life is governed by artificial intelligence. Starting with something as basic as voice commands in our phones to the more advanced driverless cars and so much more.

Digital marketing is not shying away from leveraging AI to stay competitive. Content marketing is one such area where applications of AI can be a game changer. The possibilities are immense when it comes to finding innovative solutions that boost efficiency and provide opportunities to maximize marketing potential.

It is no longer a trend but is here to stay. The different ways it benefits the content writing process is something one cannot ignore. To stay competitive in this field, like it or not we have to embrace it in some form.

In this article, I will explore how AI can benefit content marketing and provide actionable insights to enhance your content writing efforts.

Understanding AI Content Marketing

As a business/brand, we know that content marketing plays a crucial role in engaging and building relationships with audiences. The blogs, guides, and explainer videos all play a role in audience engagement and the customer journey of the digital marketing funnel.

However, it can be time-consuming and repetitive. This is where AI content marketing comes into play. By integrating AI into content tools, content marketers can streamline their processes and improve the quality of their content.

Many businesses have gone the extra mile by adding machine learning, NLP, brand voice generators, and more to this mix.

AI helps marketers understand customer insights and empowers them with more personalized marketing strategies.

Let’s explore 5 ways we can leverage AI in content marketing:

1. Competitive Research

The foundation of a successful marketing strategy is Market research. AI can accelerate the research process by studying your target audience, need analysis, and providing valuable insights. 

With AI, you can leverage data from your customers’ voices to create content that resonates with them, re-optimize outdated content, and stay on top of industry trends. 

Sometimes you do not have to create fresh content to remain on top of the game, all it takes is doing a content audit based on AI-generated data and reworking the articles to provide fresh perspectives. It not only saves time but also delivers content that is on point.

Some tools that can help you with this kind of data are:

Pollthepeople, Brand24, and Marketmuse to name a few.

2. Search and SEO Discoverability

AI can revolutionize your keyword targeting strategy and maximize search and SEO discoverability. Using keyword tools like rytr, copyAI, Frase ChatGPT, and more, you can accurately discover keywords and phrases that can go into your content. You will rank on search engines and create content for keywords/phrases that customers want answers to.

AI-based keyword mapping will help you pick the relevant keywords and bid for them in your paid campaigns. Meet your customers where they are in their journey and improve your brand’s search visibility. Their numerous search functions or prompts help you input data, and you can refine the responses.

I have used a simple generic AI tool to illustrate my points and provide examples. You can easily find AI tools tailored to perform these functions. I used a free ver. of the tool to demonstrate this.

Based on my prompt, this is the response I got-

You can see it gave me the top 5 keywords and a brief write-up on what is covered in each. You can find references for each

Now if needed, I can proceed and add these keywords to keyword search tools like ahrefs, semrush, etc, to find search volume and keyword difficulty, look for associated long tail keywords from the people also ask section, and create content.

Or you can modify the prompt to generate specific keywords based on search analysis.

Hence AI for SEO simplifies the entire keyword search process.

You can use it to create catchy headlines and blog outlines. That is what I have covered in my next section.

3. Content Generation

Human intelligence and creativity have no match.

We all need to remember, AI is just a tool in our hands.

We can leverage it to maximize the benefits and improve our efficiency. AI cannot bring in the innate connectivity, emotions, and understanding we share and bring to our writing.

AI writing tools, though can significantly speed up the content generation process.

You can use AI to generate blog titles and outlines and write 2000 + word articles. It is the human touch that makes the article readable and shareable.

Every article on the same topic is unique because of personal experiences. You will find 10 different articles on particular keywords in Google search results.

Many share similar titles and outlines, the writer’s personal touch and examples make them different.

E.g I gave in the prompt “Give me 5 blog titles for the keyword “ AI content marketing”

And this is what I got as the response:

I liked the first and second title as it was simple and talked about what I wanted to deliver in the article. However, if you need you can ask for more titles or improve your prompt. It is all up to you. I prefer simple titles that deliver what is promised.

Additionally just to test it out, I asked the prompt to generate clickbait titles for the keyword and this is the response I got:

It said it can not make it clickbait as it is not programmed to but can generate catchy titles-And this is what it generated-

I am not a big fan of words like unleash, supercharge, etc in the titles. However, if they work for you, go ahead and use them.

Similarly, you can prompt it to generate outlines and choose the one you feel works for the given title. 

You have two options after that, either use the outline as a guiding factor, check references online, and, write the article, or ask AI to generate it and add your personal touch.

Both should be fine. Don’t copy-paste the AI-generated article as it is. You may have the most optimized article with the best title and relevant outline but will fail to impact.

It will lack the human connection that makes readers feel:

Oh I can do this”, or “I faced this problem too and should try this suggestion”. Or “I should try these tips for myself

The point is human touch makes the audience relate to the problems and solutions and a feeling that if this worked for the writer should work for me.

A little personalization goes a mile when it comes to audience engagement.

4. Content Curation: Streamlining the Process

As a brand, sometimes, rather than creating content every time on every topic, you might want to curate content related to your product/service and share it with your audience.

E.g, As a content marketing agency, you might like to share content on how to post on youtube, social media posts and KPIs to track, or how to create explainer videos. Rather than a manual search, you can use AI tools to help you do just that.

I asked AI to list 5 resources that talk about how to create youtube videos that drive traffic and, this is what I got-

If you notice, I have clickable links to get more information on each topic and decide if it is relevant to share with my audience.

Additionally, it provides a brief writeup for each link that will help my target audience understand what the content is about and whether relevant to them or not.

A manual search is an option, but leveraging AI can help speed up the process.

AI-powered tools can search through an extensive database of blog posts and articles based on interests and keywords, bringing the most relevant resources right to your fingertips.

By leveraging AI for content curation, you can save valuable time and ensure that your content aligns with the interests of your target audience.

5. AI-based Automation

Automation is a powerful strategy for improving engagement rates and efficiency. You can combine user data( Google Analytics) and AI, to deliver personalized offers to your customers at the right time. AI-powered tools can provide a tailored experience for your customers.

As a brand/business, you can provide relevant content resources to your clients at different touch points in their journey. Thanks to AI content tools offering tailored content is that much easier and faster.

AI in Action: Examples of Brands That Leverage AI in Their Content Journey

Several brands have successfully implemented AI content marketing strategies to enhance their practices. Let’s explore some inspiring examples:

1. eBay: Personalized Email Headlines

AI content marketing


eBay leveraged AI content marketing tools like Phrasee to create personalized email headlines for each customer segment based on their interests. By generating machine-written headlines, eBay improved customer engagement and drove conversions.

2. American Marketing Association: Smart Newsletters


The American Marketing Association utilized the AI content marketing tool rasa.io to deliver newsletters that contained content tailored to each user’s interests. It provided relevant information and positioned the association as a thought leader in the marketing world.

3. JP Morgan Chase: AI-Enhanced Copywriting

JP Morgan Chace partnered with AI company Persado to enhance its copywriting efforts. The AI tool helped create more human-like copy, resulting in a better connection with consumers and improved marketing performance. In their own words “



AI content marketing is here to stay. Embracing it is what every business is doing. It is no longer a luxury but a necessity to remain competitive in the digital landscape. 

By leveraging AI in your content marketing strategy, you can automate insights into your customers, optimize articles, generate high-quality content, and deliver personalized experiences. 

AI empowers marketers, but businesses can not overlook human writers, editors, and proofreaders’ contributions. The collaboration between AI and human expertise ensures the highest quality of content and drives success in the ever-evolving digital world.

Connect with me at freelancemarketingtips@gmail.com if you wish to collaborate with me on any content writing assignments.

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