How to bounce back after being laid off

how to bounce back after being laid off

Being laid off from your job can be a major blow to one’s self-esteem. The pandemic dealt this blow to many workers worldwide. No matter how many times you hear people say it is not you but the company or your boss or whatever else, it still hurts and nothing can take that away.

You are suddenly hit with a feeling- what next? And that can be quite devastating and difficult to deal with. How does one suddenly accept and come to terms with the fact that he/she is no longer employed and will not be doing what they have been doing for the last so many years?

It leaves the person frustrated, angry, and hurtful as they are off the career track. They have to work to get back on track by going through the same cycle of job hunting.

What should one do to bounce back after being laid off to retain their self-confidence and maintain positivity-

Take a well-deserved break– work was hectic, and you never got the time to take that break you always wanted to. Now is the time. Pack your bags and head to that place you always wanted to go to.

It will do you tons of good as you get a sense of accomplishment and the feel-good hormones are released. It will help you unwind and look at things in a new light.

Tip: Do not try to get into a job the minute you have lost one. Give yourself time to process what has happened.

Assess your financial status- The best way to do that is to take the help of your family members. It helps to be transparent, and take stock of finances to understand-

how will the expenses be met after being laid off?

Budgeting is one great way to work with a plan to maximize saving and limit spending. It can help in keeping anxiety and stress in check.

Tip: Financial assessment and budgeting will help you stay on course

Find a way to define¬† you’re being laid off- Start finding ways to frame sentences that convey why you were laid off to potential recruiters, consultants, and employers.

It is important to know the exact sentences you will say in response to the question of why were you laid off from your previous company.

In the current employment market it is normal for people to get laid off from their jobs and it is acceptable, so don’t feel ashamed or apologetic about it.

Tip: pick a positive, upbeat message to convey why were you laid off rather than sounding apologetic and ashamed.

Surround yourself with positivity– Losing a job and your work routine can be traumatic and leave you feeling hurtful. Instead of getting angry and lashing out, surround yourself with friends and family who can act as your cheerleaders. Enlist their support and ask them to help you to move forward to explore new opportunities. Help you march into the future rather than wallow in the past.

Tip: Friends and family can help you get up, steady yourself and march ahead.

Look for new opportunities– once you recognize, accept, and deal with the fact of being laid off from your job, start exploring new opportunities.

Build or update your resume, reach out to your contacts, acquaintances, and recruiters to find the job that matches your skill.

Never rush into the job market when you are angry, frustrated, and dealing with a job loss. It can cloud your judgment and prevent you from making the right choice.

Tip: Build a professional resume or update your current resume to land your next job that matches your skills.

To conclude and wrap it up:

Being laid off from your job is normal and accepted in today’s job market.

How we deal with it is important.

Anger, frustration, and disappointment are common but finding ways to overcome them and build new perspectives are necessary.

Taking a break, recharging oneself, building your resume, assessing financial status, and finding friends and family to boost your morale are some ways to deal with a lay-off positively.

And it won’t be long before you land your next job.

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