Top 10 tips on writing quality website content

Content writing for a website?

Can I start with writing website content, blog, or articles? As a freelancer when you begin your content writing journey these and many other questions arise. How do I start?

The best part is you can write any style and any content. Just that it might take a little time to find your niche. In every form of writing one needs to keep certain tips in mind to generate good content. Writing for websites is no different. There are 10 tips one can keep in mind while writing content for a website.

Follow these 10 tips :

  1. Know your audience– content for website either yours’s or someone else’s is written for an audience. It is to help understand the product or service offered. Always give the information that is important at the beginning such as what is the product/service and the benefits or advantages. This can be followed by history or any other general information. The audience has landed on your site because of a specific search they carried out. The first few lines should exactly deliver the content of the website.

2. Simple English is the key– Use simple English words to help everyone understand your content. E.g., perfect instead of prototypical. You are writing website content that is meant for a general audience unless it is article writing for a scientific journal. Always use simple English words that everyone can read. There are many apps like Grammarly that help you check the readability score of article content. Flesch reading ease is another matrix to measure the reading ease of your website content and article content.

3. Active and not passive voice– Write as if you are talking to that person reading your content. E.g., you can click on the product catalog to buy it is direct engagement with the audience instead of purchases can be made by clicking on the product catalog which is passive in nature. If you write website content with FAQ’s keep the same point in mind.

e.g., For FAQ’s involving a fabric shampoo

Q. Can I use it for my microfiber sofas?

Answer- Sorry You can not. It is meant only for fabrics.

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4. . Images – use images where possible instead of text-heavy content. “An image speaks 1000 words” This is true as images convey the website content in a more effective manner.

5. Always keep it simple-Use simple sentences in your content. Let it be a sentence and not a paragraph. Do not try to combine too many sentences together. The audience can lose their attention span.

6. Word choice matters– use simple words that have high readability. Avoid using too many filler words. If you have the tendency to use some words quite often in your writing, try and use synonyms or alternate words. You can easily find them on sites like

7. Scan worthy text– Write content that matches the product or service offered. Search engines will find the content when searched. If the audience has searched for a term – Coffee store near me. The audience will land on your website as it reads coffee. However, if the content mentions nothing about the product coffee in the first paragraph, they will leave your site. Over time search engines will stop searching for your site as they do not find any relevance between the website content and the search term.

8. Use Multimedia– Use videos, infographics, charts, and any such tool to break the monotony of reading. It creates a visual impact.

9. Linking is a great way to layer your content– Try linking the content to internal pages that the audience can quickly access for further reading. Also, external linking for additional information on the product or service is a good practice.

10. A compelling call to action– Always give the audience more by providing a call to action button that could be – buy now, subscribe, read more.

Following these tips can help you to produce good content. It may not be perfect but, you can always visit the page and update it to refine it.

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