What is the difference between Copywriting Vs Content writing

copywriting and content writing difference

Copywriting and Content writing are integral parts of digital marketing.

The difference between copywriting and content writing is that where copywriting coaxes readers to take some action and sells the brand to the audience, content writing educates readers through evergreen content like blogs, articles, whitepapers.

 Through this article we will learn the difference between copywriting vs content writing in terms of Purpose, focus, format, and much more.

Remember these slogans/taglines

Because You’re Worth It.

Just Do It.

I’m lovin it.

Role of copywriters and content writers

Online sales and marketing are the new mantras. Brands achieve it by investing in innovative writers who can write to sell.

They are storytellers who weave stories through their words to capture attention and help them make decisions regarding the products/services on sale.

However, to achieve sales, brands need to focus on customers their wants and needs. Provide information and guide them through the different steps to make that decision.

A balance between copywriter and content writer as both play different roles in the journey.

To understand customer needs and navigating the customer towards CTA (call to action), we need to know the difference between copywriter and content writer.

It helps brands hire the right person for the right job.

5 differences between copywriting vs content writing

  1. A copywriter writes for sales, but a content writer informs, educates, and supports.

A copywriter writes to target your audience towards the offered product or service to make the necessary sale. The writing compels the audience to take the required call to action.

A content writer writes to provide information about your product or service.

Content writing provides solutions to queries and searches about products and services.

To help the customer make the right choice.

He also writes to help with after-sales service and support.

2. Copywriters appeal to the emotional side of the customer and are good at creating a sense of urgency.

Copywriters have the knack of creating urgency in the minds through their one-liners and catchy phrases

Last day today to avail 50% discount

Click now to get 20% off your first order

Subscribe now to get your first guaranteed sale.

Call to action links used by copywriters that appeal to the emotional side of the customer and make a case of now or never.

It makes them feel if they do not take the required steps, they will miss out on something big.

On the other hand, content writers create content to engage the audience and make them feel important. They aim to build trust and not a sales pitch. The advantage of this is they drive the sales indirectly.

The published blog articles build trust that goes a long way in building and retaining customers.

Difference between copywriting vs content writing continued..

3. Content writers focus more on SEO than copywriters.

Content writers write articles targeted towards potential and present customers.

They educate, inform and support customers keeping their needs and requirements in mind.

Hence, it will have focus keywords, H1, H2, and so on headings. The focus keyword would be of optimum density in the artic;e distributed among the headlines and the paragraphs.

They follow all the SEO guidelines to allow traffic to the website. Their articles meet the business requirements and goals.

A copywriter is more creative and quirky and meets only basic SEO guidelines.

4. A content writer writes long-form articles, blog posts, newsletters, ebooks, and more.

A copywriter focuses on writing short forms like taglines, slogans, email campaigns, ads online and offline, video scripts, and more.

5. Content writers contribute to a long-term strategy.

Copywriters write to strike the deal at that money, and it is short-term. They need to write a new copy for the next campaign.

Content writing is a long-term strategy.

Its job is to build trust to convince customers of the brand.

Content writers drive organic traffic to the website, and copywriters convert this traffic into potential or current sales.

To conclude and wrap it up

There is a time to persuade or convince the audience, but it is not all the time. Sometimes the brand has to deliver to customers expecting nothing in return. Content writing is the value offering of the brand to the customer with no expectations.

At the right time, copywriters will try to persuade and sell the offering to the customer by appealing to the emotional nature and creating urgency.

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