write landing page content that converts

If you are a website owner or have a blog site, you understand the importance of landing page. Understanding How to write  landing page content that converts is important to achieve your objectives.

So let us start

Before we actually dive into the steps and tips on how to write landing page content that converts, let us discuss the basics first. 

So what is a landing page? 

As the name suggests, it’s a page you land on after clicking on a particular link. You can come across this link through social media, emails or any other marketing form.

 A landing page focuses specifically on promoting a single product/service. The content that goes on this page compels the reader to take a certain action, hence, we call it copywriting and not content writing.

 Now that we have covered the basics in the simplest terms, it’s time to get into detail.

In this article, I will take you through the 12 most simple yet effective techniques to write a landing page that converts

Before that, you must know that no customer is ready to buy at that very particular moment. But with a copy that leaves a mark, your name has to pop up in their mind whenever they are ready to buy.

Let’s begin understanding how to write landing page content that converts with the help of these tips:

  1. Answer the two questions

 By this, I mean ask yourself these two questions before you even start writing; what is my goal and who is my audience? These two queries are underrated but they set the foundation of your content. 

Your goal should reflect throughout the writing because that is what will get things done from the other end. The target audience will determine your writing style and help you stay focused. 

The audience is our most important aspect here, do everything you can to connect with them because it’s not about you or your product, it’s all about them.

2. Build Trust

One of the common mistakes copywriters make is aggressively promoting the product/service. This makes the customer lose trust. It is quite common that you tend to doubt something which is “all good” and highly advertised. 

Nothing is perfect and there have to be some gaps. So be realistic, highlight the positives but don’t ignore the other aspects. That’s how you gain the trust of your audience and design a landing page that converts.

Moving on to some exclusive content related tips:

3. Keep it simple

Since school, we are expected to use heavy words to sound better. You’ll lose your audience if you do this here. The customers are common people just like us, don’t expect them to be Shakespeare. 

Thus, keep your language very simple and easy to understand. Cut short the unnecessary points. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the quality, making the content engaging still depends upon your creativity.

4. The headline will decide

 I know this, you know this, the world knows this. I’m talking about the importance of headlines. So, here comes the popular saying: Hook your readers from the first sentence. True! You’d have to step in your audience’s shoes multiple times to know what they exactly want. 

This is the first step. Experiment with multiple headlines, generate curiosity, catch attention and see what works out the best. Just do not trick them into reading something. 

This creates a very bad and catfishing impression. Therefore, the headline will truly decide whether or not someone will read further.

5. Easy to skim through content

 With the attention span of a squirrel, it is difficult for human beings to read everything attentively. Thus as a writer, it is your responsibility to restore that attention.

 It can be bullet points, images, charts or listicles like this, just so they have many eye-catching things in one place. And we can not deny that we remember more of what we see, for instance: images( but do not go overboard with this one).

6. Include positive feedback

 This is another way to build trust. People are more inclined towards what other users have to say about the product they are thinking of buying. 

You can include such testimonials or positive remarks to back up your writing and make the public believe in what you’re saying.

And coming up, are some awesome tips you must follow to seal the deal:

7. Be detailed

 Now, don’t get this mixed. You have to be detailed in order to explain the offer to the potential customers. By getting on the landing page they should have all the important information they are seeking, related to the deal.

 What we do not want to do here is stuff unnecessary information because that will make them lose interest and focus will shift from the principal data. It can be in the form of a story that generates curiosity or any other way you like.

8. Research

 Research the top-performing competitors, see what and how they are doing to hold such a position. Have sufficient knowledge of the market. 

You need to research everything, it can be talking to relevant people, conducting surveys, looking on the web, etc. If you want a landing page that converts, make sure you’re confident in what you write.

9. Solutions to Pain Points

 The best thing you can do to connect with your audience is, address their pain points better than ever. Catch the pulse and that’s it, you have their attention.

 If you do it better than your competitors, you’re already on the right track to perform better. After addressing those pain points, make sure you first suggest the solutions to them and then bring light towards the product/service. 

Emphasize more on how it will make their life easier or solve problems.

10.  Tell them what to do

 The ending of your content has to be very strong because it will determine whether or not your customers will even buy what you’re selling. 

You just need to tell them the exact next step, as to what they have to do immediately. It can be buying a course, subscribing to a list or newsletter, and so on. Hence a CTA that complells action to be taken should be included

11. SEO

 Now that we are all set with our top-notch content let’s get a little technical. We have to accept the fact that having the best content doesn’t mean it will automatically show up in the search results. 

For that, you need to have some basic SEO(Search Engine Optimization) knowledge, to help you inculcate keywords in the content. This will increase the visibility of your page and drive more traffic. Remember the goal of a landing page that converts? You need SEO for that for sure.

12. Practice

Whenever you look back at an old article or copy you had written, you must think that you can write better now. But at the time it was written, it felt amazing, right? This happens because we are continuously evolving and learning new things. This evolution shall never stop. But to speed up and supplement this process, what you can do is, practice every day, even on days, you don’t have work. Take a course, read a book, or just practice headlines.

PERSONAL BONUS  TIPS to help you get through the process, become a great copywriter and write selling copies:

  • These were my simple yet effective tips to frame a selling landing page. Copywriting is truly an art, and the way you play with the words solely depends upon your creativity. 
  • There is no fixed formula to success because art has no boundaries but some basic tips here and there make the flow easier. 
  • The process can be overwhelming at times, and that’s completely normal, but stick through, it’ll always pay off. Once you start writing copies, you see the power of persuasion everywhere.
  • An extremely important tip I learned at the beginning of my journey was, simple is powerful. I didn’t run after difficult or heavy words, ever, to sound like a writer. Another thing I would like to mention is just don’t compare yourselves to other writers. Everyone is different and your phases in life might not be even nearly similar to people you are comparing your writing or clients with.

So, combine all these tips with your creativity to write a landing page that converts and drives more audience.

landing page content that converts


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