Top 5 copywriting tips for a successful marketing campaign

successful marketing campaign

Successful marketing campaign always delivers compelling content, high customer engagement, and a definite call to action or CTA. They provide content that interests the customer and proceed to the next step of the marketing funnel.

As an experienced copywriter or a fresher, copywriting tips are always handy to up your game.

5 copywriting tips for a successful marketing campaign:

Before You begin –

Ask yourself “what problem is this copy solving?”

Use short sentences

Use words that create a clear picture in users’ minds

Make your content as simple as possible

Increase the level of interest

Provide your viewers exactly what they’re looking for

Don’t try to be clever

Ignore the rules

Now that we have a framework ready, let us break down the essential steps involved in copywriting


You may or may not be familiar with the marketing requirement you have to write on. It is best to research the given topic. To devise a copywriting strategy, understand the target areas, information to be provided, and anything to garner customer attention.

The main aim is to get readers to take action, and the tone has to reflect that. Research helps you do that by providing information on what customers are looking for.

It helps build a successful marketing campaign through the right kind of copywriting.

  The main aim is to get readers to take any action, and the tone has to reflect that. Research helps you do that and provides information on what customers are looking for. It helps build a successful marketing campaign through the right kind of copywriting.

There is no one size fits all approach.

The content varies as per the brand, products, and services they are offering and the target audience. So, the tag lines that work for a shoe brand will not work for a beverage brand.

Research helps you verify existing information ( after all, we do not make tall unverified claims as it can make customers lose trust in the brand) and find new insights concerning the product or service.

Identify and define the target audience-

Defining the audience-We create content for the customers.

So, it is necessary to know the age, demographics, preferences, and all data related to it.

Audience targeting – awareness of the correct customer base is necessary to attract new, and retain existing customers through content.

 E.g., if we are creating content for a product like ready-to-cook foods – the target audience would be college-going students, working professionals, anyone who is hard pressed for time but wants to eat something wholesome, nutritious, and easy to cook in a short time.  Therefore, our content should talk about the exact problems this customer base faces and how our brand can help them. The content will resonate and convince them for CTA.

Bottom-line– to create the right content- define, identify and target the right customer base for the given product or service.


Story-telling is an art that always delivers. Indian brand Amul is a classic example. It conveys a complete story through its taglines. Picking up current topics they weave an entire story in two lines and we all relate to it. Writing campaigns that tell the story of the brand makes it personal, appealing, and connects.

Dairy brand Amul features Avatar: The Way of Water in its topical. (Photo: Instagram)



Using storytelling, copywriters can create posts that set them apart from their competitors. All brands have a unique story, so will be the content.

A personal touch lends familiarity to the customers, and they relate to it.

The CTA happens organically, and no over-selling is required.

The customers will take your story forward, and the brand becomes a household name.

Tip: storytelling and personal touch help the brand connect with the audience. It is unique and has high relatedness quotient.

Proofread and edit your content

Proofreading the content is important. However, strike a balance between the creative and grammar part of the content. Sometimes, creative writing may not be correct in terms of grammar.  As a copywriter, you have to take a call. If the taglines or post delivers what you aim for then go ahead and ditch the grammar. It is not a literature composition so it is ok to take creative liberties. However, proofread your post to make sure it is delivering on point and the tone is engaging. It is not condescending, deriding, or hurtful. There are a few tools that help you check your grammar and spelling mistakes like Grammarly and Hemmingway.

Suggestion– creativity vs grammar- choose wisely.

Taglines and headlines

“The early bird catches the worm”. Similarly, a catchy headline catches the readers’ attention. Ensure the content in the post is aligned to the headline and delivery. Write as many headlines as you can think of and take your time to choose the right one. One can find enough resources online that list out catchy headlines used by brands and organizations.

When we think of classic marketing campaign examples (see below) browse through them and get inspired to create your unique headline or tagline that represents the brand.

Remember the Disneyland tagline- “the happiest place on earth”

MasterCard: “There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.”

These taglines are high on emotion quotient, relatedness, and universal in appeal.

The target audience is global- cutting across all ages and backgrounds. It represents the brand’s identity in total.

A compelling CTA-

As a copywriter, brands depend on you to deliver the punch line to propel the customers to take the necessary CTA.

Including a call to action is by far the most important aspect of effective copywriting. It is essential that you make it easy for your audience to act on your ad or marketing message

Ready to be a successful copywriter ?

Keeping these tips in mind can help you carve a niche for yourself as a Go-To copywriter who can deliver successful marketing campaigns

  • Research
  • Define and identify the target audience
  • Story-telling
  • Proof-reading and edit
  • Taglines and headlines

To conclude a quote for all the copywriters out there.

“Every product has a unique personality, and it is your job to find it.”Joe Sugarman


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